Toy Warranty:

TICKLETRUNKCLUB offers a manufacturer (30) day warranty on battery operated toys ONLY. This warranty is only in effect at the moment of purchase with proof of purchase dated with receipt. It applies to faulty toys due to manufacturer error. This is only applicable at TICKLETRUNKCLUB‘s discretion  This warranty does not cover natural wear and tear, misuse of products, neglect of the products or accidental damage caused to toys and trunk.

Any alterations or tampering of the products will automatically void the warranty.

Product Care:

Trunk care: Remove all toys from trunk. Trunk should be cleaned after each use with soft antibacterial soap and damp cloth only. Do not use harsh cleaners, alcohol-based cleaners, or acetone-based cleaners.

Wipe gently with clean cloth.

Massagers: All massagers should be cleaned before and after each use. The massagers should be cleaned with a soft anti-bacterial soap and warm water. All massagers are water-resistant. Do not use silicone-based cleaners, acetone-based cleaners, petrol-based cleaners. All toys should be wiped dry with a clean towel and store properly.


For Adult use only. Users are to use these products at their own risks. Use with caution and with the approval of your Doctor If you are pregnant or have any health concerns. 

Cease use if you notice any discomfort.

Products may vary in color and changes to the layout and design may change without notice.







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