Why your sex drive is in the gutter during Covid-19...

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So it's been a heck of a long time since this whole Covid-19/ social distancing thing began.

At first we all took it lightly, didn't we?

We joked about it, took it with a shrug and we could not phantom that we would find ourselves, 3 months later, still in lock down.

Some of you have lost your jobs, some have been stuck working from.

Others are learning to home school multiple children, Keeping house, disinfecting house daily and added 2 hours to their normal grocery shopping run because, well everything needs to be cleaned!

That's not to mention keeping up with the ever changing advisories, death and recovery rates

Wrapping our brains around the ever shifting uncertainty that we are faced with and learning to "flow" with it, isn't always as easy...

All the while trying to fake some sort of normalcy and continue to maintain healthy body, mind and relationships

If all of this sounds like a shit load of heavy set expectations

And you're saying "listen, TickleTrunkClub, this shit is crazy and hard. When you write it all out, it does seem like a lot"

Well, folks. It is. A LOT.

So, your libido took a hit...

Maybe you kinda, wanna, still feel the want and desire to enjoy some coitus...

But your so fuck'n tired.


You feel bad for not putting out for the sake of your partner


You don't even know why it's gone... try rereading the above mention of all the shit...

Listen friend.

It's OKAY!

Don't get us wrong. We are the first to boast all of the advantages that a good old romp can do for you mentally and emotionally.

Because it's true; sex and even better yet an orgasm can get you the feel good juices flooding you like Niagara Falls.

But this whole Covid-19 thing

It's different. It's been an abrupt cessation to life as we knew it.

When you see your partner with expecting eyes and you're at the point of just "doing it"...

It's time to pause.

Tell your partner where you are at mentally and what you feel you need to do.

Communication is vital! Remember 

So please hear us; if your sex drive is currently fleeting.

It's okay!

We suggest that if the thought of just exerting yourself any more makes the fantasy of being run over by a John Deere tractor seem more appealing; then don't even think about sex!

💥What you need is self-care💥

🗝Eat some healthy foods.
🗝Sleep more or try naps
🗝Any form of exercise at this point to get you going
🗝Take baths or relaxing showers
🗝You don't need to save the world right now
🗝Do something that isn't required of you. e.i paint, write, garden, look outside etc.
🗝If you're in a chaotic environment, take time everyday to find some peace and quiet

This list is just a very few of the possible self care methods that are out there. Go ahead and look up self care ideas on the world wide web, we are certain you'll find some interesting things...

And after you've been REALLY taking care of yourself... maybe try pleasuring yourself and see how that starts to feel.

Chances are that your sex drive will show its self once more.

And if you want to give yourself an even better chance of enjoying sex again, why not tag your partner in the post so they can read this previous blog:


You're welcome

We care about your sexual health and the connection with your partners,

But we care even more about your individual well being and want to let you know that it's important to let go.

If, of course, you feel all the ball and ready for some spicing up. You can always get your very own Trunk here:


Stay safe, Stay Healthy

With Love,



Photo Credit: Yohann Libot