Why Sex is Home For Him...

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As valentine's day approaches, we wanted to make certain that we took the time to understand the beautiful uniqueness of men too.

And show them some love.

It really doesn't take an expert to tell anyone that men and women show and receive love differently.

But too often, we give men a bad rep for their way of communicating and expressing their love.

For your man, sex, is his way of communicating to you his love, his fears, his stress and insecurities.

Sex is a way for him to seek comfort in your arms and to know that he is safe and supported by his partner.

Sex means he can be vulnerable. And through the act of sex, he allows himself to be emotionally connected and available to you.

Sex is more than sex. It is the unspoken words of our beloved of few words. It is the silken cloak of comfort that eases their minds and comforts their weary souls.

So it's not unusual that that during or after a fight, your man wants to have sex. This sex for him is a way of knowing that you guys are good. He feels reassured of the stability of the relationship through the sexual connection.

So ladies, try not to get offended when your man gets horny at a seemingly inopportune time. Or if he wants to have sex with you in the middle of a fight

Maybe this once, you try to understand that your man is communicating with you a need that he has not the verbal tools to express.

Instead of trying to pry words out his mouth, maybe for once take your beloved, beautiful man and simply embosom him.

You may witness the softening of his being, as the unspoken worries and pressures of his day find comfort with the sacred space within you—the space that is home...

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Much Love.



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