Sometimes, I just don't like you...

Sometimes, I just don't like you...


Ah, the truth. It ain't always pretty, it ain't always doves and butterflies.

Relationships are HARD WORK!

There isn't one person who has been in any type of relationship that can stand up and state that being together doesn't take effort and INTENTION.

Ah, yes! This word is being swung around like some trapeze artist. But in this case, we actually mean it.

Why is Intention crucial to a successful partnership!?


Yes, intention is what you do when you actually stop and listen to your partner when they are speaking.

You become aware, alert and attentive to what they are saying
This means you become fully engaged with your partner.

This is critical to making your partner feel heard and respected and it is also a way for you to keep your heart open when they are exchanging with you on all levels.

This intention needs to be placed in EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR RELATIONSHIP.

From fights, to sex, to mundane conversations, to the silence we share with one another.

But, the truth is, it is all too easy to not place this effort into our relationships.

We take them for granted.

We expect our partners to love EVERYTHING about us.

To ACCEPT everything about us.

But do we offer them the same clemency that we expect from them!?


We tend to be self-centered, self-entitled, little assh***s that want things to be easy and handed to us.

To the poor folks who have this mind-set, we apologize in advance...

We say: your relationship WILL FAIL!!

You say: Don't be so harsh TickleTrunkClub!

Well it's the truth folks.

So if your relationship isn't flourishing, we suggest putting your easily bruised ego aside and actually taking the time to have an INTENTIONAL, AWARE interaction with your partner.

They want to be seen as much as you.

They want you to overlook their crazy too.

They need you to make the first move.

They want your love.

So, all is good if your sex life is off the charts because you guys rock it in bed...

But if outside the bedroom you ain't giving your partner the effort required to make them feel a part of your partnership.

Then it ain't much, isn't it!?

So, ya.

We sometimes dislike our partners. We sometimes would like to squeeze their crazy out. But don't forget that we made a choice to be with our partners.

We made an INTENTIONAL decision to love our partners.

So take care of them.

Our wise words for the day:

Be intentional partners in every aspect of your relationship. It will make it that much sweeter.

Love them as well as you want to be loved.


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