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Listen, we are all human and sometimes this sh*t gets hard.

When things got challenging in the past, most would resort to personal preferences of letting off steam,

Such as:

Hiking, running, taking road trips, coffee with friends, good food, etc...

And some turn to a little rough sex

Sometimes we just need to check out and adventure somewhere off the beaten path and find ourselves a little more.

Let go of the bent-up anxiety within and leave it all out there.

Well, these days are different...

We can't just up and leave our homes and venture off

We are left with bent up energy and resentment.

Anger and restlessness surfaces, pushing us to face our demons head on

So where can we find that release that we desperately want?

A little rough sex, may be just what you need.


Because we all know at this point that the loss of our coping mechanisms leaves us grappling to find alternatives...

Making this time a perfect time to turn to our partners and share our need to let loose

Sex, like exercise- releases endorphins that relieve stress, boosts your immune system and it's great for your heart

Sex is literally a cocktail of happiness- dopamine, serotonin and Oxycontin...

So, right now you may not be loving your situation, or your partner for that matter


with all this trapped energy, we suggest you get a little freaky

Have yourself one heck of a rodeo

Get frisky, try getting a spanking

You could be surprised with the pleasure and surrender to the present moment you may will feel

The gift of time is now

The gift of fully engaging in this moment has never been more available for us as a society to turn inwards and acknowledge the gift of the present moment.

It is all we have,

So take this time to surrender to the current surfacing of energies within

This is more easily attained when something forces us into the present moment

So go ahead, get a little spanking

We all need that release right now, we all need to feel a true connection more then ever

So tune into yourself, tune into your partner

And get yourself some rough sex

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Stay strong and healthy

Release and love a little more

With Love,



Photo Credit: Cullan Smith