Back To Basics...making the choice of dating your partner during quarantine

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Yes, yes, yes

The excuses have been stripped from your overly busy, self indulge and over important person

You no longer have the luxury of postponing date night because of your over booked schedule

Great news! your schedule has now been cleared

You are left isolated inside four walls with the people that you have over looked for too long

So what are you going to do about?

We say, start dating your partner again

"What? How? everything's closed!"

This is the perfect time for relationships to go back to the basics

Go for a walk and hold hands while discussing the future you envision for one another

Get creative and thoughtful about your dating strategies

Wooing your partner now, may be just what you need to revamp the soda cracker staleness that your relationship has now become

The possibilities are endless:

Candle-lite dinners, romantic movies with a good bottle of wine, set up the tent in the living room and "camp out", board games, romantic love letters, hours of love making with your very own tickletrunk 

The list is endless

Seriously, go for a walk and hold hands while discussing the future you envision together


Learn how to look into each others eyes and kiss, taking the time to actually enjoy and be present

But if you are someone that lacks complete imagination and you have not a bone of romanticism

It's time to reprogram your shitty excuses and make an effort

We will happily give you a head start, because we don't want you to suck 

TickleTrunkClub would love for you to discover the following people that we think could offer your some great suggestions

Prioritize Marriage is a great place to find many resources on date night ideas, marriage advice and so much more

We think these guys are worth a look. Find them here:…/catego…/date-night-ideas/

TickleTrunkClub says- stay away from people, go outside, rediscover nature, date your partner and don't be a douche bag

You're welcome,

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We've dropped those prices big time during this CoronaVirus

We're thoughtful and want you to be ZEN when this isolation is over 

Take care of your partner. Enjoy the simplicity of one another

Be safe. Be Healthy. Be Happy.

With love,



Photo Credit: Brooklyn