Anal Sex for beginners

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Anal sex for beginners…

We aren’t all sex stars, avid connoisseurs of the Kamasutra or some of you may not be very “adventurous” due to your lack of knowledge on sex matters, and that’s okay.

We got your back (pun intended)

We wish to change that today. We will help guide you through what your first anal encounter could resemble, in hopes that this guide can set your anxious mind at ease.

Remember that all sexual encounters should always be consented BEFORE they are to begin.

Also remember, that you can always say NO at any point during your ébats sexuels and you have the right to change your mind!

The word that people tend to avoid using when recounting their sexual encounters, is often this one; anal.

The unfortunate stigma associated with this sexual experience has left many to avoid exploring this region or denying it out of shame. There is no need for this my friend.

Anal sex is okay, even enjoyable when done right. So please, as with all things anal, remember to relax.

A few things you need to know about the anal cavity when it comes to sex:

You must first prepare yourself for anal sex; there is no going from zero to 100.

The anal cavity is not a vagina; which means that the anal cavity does not produce its own lubricant: you must use lubricant at all times.

Although the exterior sphincter of the anal entrance is thick, the interior is delicate. Due to this, you must keep in mind to listen to your body and understand that to make any long-term anal experience possible and pleasurable, you must bare in mind this delicateness.

Always clean your area thoroughly to limit the amount of bacteria. Anal sex will not prevent you from pooping afterwards.

There is a chance there will be bleeding.

You will need lots of lubrication; this is not an option, so stock up.

Now to begin...

Your first experience with anal will probable be with something other than a penis.


because you are not ready to have an entire shaft invade your delicate blossom.

You could choose to do this a few different ways:

You could decide to explore your own body and become aware of the new sensations all on your own. This may give you sense of security and confidence before jumping in with someone else.

During a moment when you are aroused, masturbating or enjoying feeling yourself; go ahead, explore yourself a little further.

For this you use some lubricant and place it on your finger; which one you choose will depend on your comfort level.

Practice inserting it to varying levels of comfort. It’s okay if you insert it, and then leave it there until you can relax.

Never force entry to your anus!

This could cause some serious damage and could possibly create a clenching reaction the next time you go to try anal.

With anything anal, you always want to be in a state of calm and relaxation.

It may feel foreign at first, and that’s totally normal. Allow yourself to take the time you need.

If it hurts — stop!

After your comfort level has increased, we suggest that you try again, once aroused, and preferably during masturbation, introduce a small vibrator (one the size of our CICI in our TickleTrunk works wonderfully:

Get your lube out and slather that baby all over yourself and your vibrator- there is no such thing as too much lube when it comes to anal sex.

Go ahead and enjoy yourself at your own rhythm. If you are enjoying this moment with someone, you could ask your partner to take over as you continue to masturbate.

This, my friends, is the delicious moment where anal begins to feel like something you could enjoy doing. Keep the heat going as long as it feels good.

If you are ready to have your partner introduce his shaft, please take the time to use a condom!

There should never be any double-dipping when it comes to this matter— there are many bacteria present in the anus that could cause infections and diseases if crossed into the vaginal cavity.

Whether using a finger, a vibrator or a penis— always clean the items, change condoms and resume if re-entry into the vagina/mouth is intended.

Trust us when we say that it is better to take a minute to wash-up than to have some shitty disease or infection curse you for the rest of your life…

Now that you’re ready to give it a go with a partner, do so once you’re are extremely aroused, relaxed and in the mood.

Anal sex calls for clear communication and respect at all times.

The person you chose to explore this with should be someone you trust and feel comfortable with.

Some positions that you could try are:

Standing up and slightly bent over. Have your partner stand behind you and cover-up, lube-up and relax. Take their shaft or their strap-on and direct the speed and depth of the motion. This initial entrance and position allows you to have a fully relaxed bottom. Thrusting may not feel comfortable at first. Just like when you introduced your finger, you can stop and get accustomed to the fullness you will feel.

Again, if it hurts — stop. If you meet resistance — stop and re-apply some lubricant.

Having your partner stimulate your clitoris or masturbating your cock at the same time will help keep the arousal and relaxation going.

Laying on your belly is also an entry that allows your bottom to be in a relaxed position, meaning that you are not stretched out such as you would in doggy-style position. Allow your partner to lay on you and gently penetrate at the speed you dictate.

Missionary is also a great way for the introduction of a shaft. It allows you to keep that intimacy and visual connection with your partner. This may be the sexiest in creating that overflow of trust and bonding during the penetration.

Cowgirl/cowboy position is suggested once you have experienced anal sex and are comfortable with it.

Because it stretches out the bottom in a wider stance, it may not be recommended as first position, but it warrants to mention that this position allows you full control of the decent onto the shaft.

It allows your partner a frontal view of your body and gives them access to continue to pleasure you manually as you begin to thrust.

Introduction to anal sex is like enjoying your dessert; it is best done slowly.

Remember, there are so many ways one can explore anal sex and enjoy it with their partners or even alone.

There is no shame in this.

We hope that this short introduction has answered some of your more pressing concerns and alleviate your anxieties on the subject.

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Now, relax and enjoy…

Much Love TickleTrunkClub

*TickleTrunkClub is not a medical professional and all thoughts and suggestions in the article are opinion only and to be used at your own risk. If you have questions or concerns, please consult your physician. If you experience any pain, unusual bleeding or any other uncomfortable symptoms, please consult your Physician.